Little Peoples

Early Learning Center

(Daycare Center)

Helping your child reach their highest potential!

Little Peoples Early Learning Center is a daycare center in Houston, TX that helps each child down the path to success. We do much more than look after your children while you’re away—we provide a caring, happy environment where kids can reach their true potential. 

Trust our licensed child care center to provide your children with the same attentiveness and quality of care you give them at home. 

 Help Your Children Learn and Grow at Our Early Learning Center 

Your kids deserve to thrive in a nurturing environment. We accept kids of all ages—from six weeks to twelve years—and are an NCI/Workforce Solutions vendor. We’re also part of the Texas School Ready Project, and all of our teachers are certified to teach in Texas. We’re state licensed and insured, and you can always trust us to provide a safe campus for your kids. 

Our philosophy centers on providing individual care for each child. We believe that every single child has unique strengths, and we want to nurture those strengths in a collaborative environment that builds your child’s skills.

We guide your child towards learning by developing personalized educational plans. Your child’s plan might include guided work in small groups, individual tutoring sessions, and direct instruction from one of our experienced teachers. The type of plan we create for your child depends on his or her strengths and needs.

No matter what, we help your child develop the self-confidence he or she needs to succeed. We also model the behaviors we want our kids to emulate—respect and courtesy, patience, and kindness.

Enroll in Our Licensed Child Care Center Today

To find a safe, enjoyable daycare center for your child, reach out to us online! You can also call (713) 941-1733 to learn more.

Hours Of Operation

6am - 6:30pm

Monday thru Friday

  • We accept children from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years.
  • We accept NCI (Workforce Solutions) 
  • Positive Guidance Techniques
  • Transportation to and from Public Schools
  • Abeka, Innovations and Scholastic Curriculum
  • Meals and Snacks
  • Texas School Ready!
  • Developmental Milestones Pictures Portifolis
  • State Licesend and Insured

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Licensed Childcare in Houston, TX

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